The purpose with the web site is to present to experiences we have had at Le Mans through pictures, video and sound clips. The web site also has a uniqe list of all danish competitors at Le Mans.

We have no connection to the official 24 hours Le Mans race.

All the material on our web site are of own production. We belive that it is best that the material remains uniqe for this site only - therefor we hope that you will respect the copyright to pictures, video, sound clips and text. If you wish to use the material from our web site please feel free to contact us: link

A bit of history:

The web site had its slow beginning in the summer of 1999. Based on the succes and positive feedback the site had a major update in August 2000. The domain was purchased and from that date the site has worked as a well-visted Le Mans information source. In the spring of 2005 the site had a new design og new logo along with new material and more information.

Why Le Mans?

Le Mans - the classic endurance race where both man and machine are pushed to the maximum through out the 24 hours.

Have you ever seen Le Mans on the TV then you have an idea what it's all about. Have you been there just once you know the phenomena Le Mans. If you haven't visited the famous race track and felt the atmosphere second weekend in June then you are in for an experience!

And what an experince: To be a spectator among 250,000 other car-loving people. To hear the roar from a Panoz V8. Get your hears blown out by a Lola V10. To sense the smell from burned rubber and a hot engine.

Have you just once been at Le Mans you are defently going back!